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Financial Organization (Bank, Investment Company, Co-operative Society) is representing a complicated form of business where massive administrative and paper work done every day at numerous departments. As a result, huge amount of data get generated in financial organizations. The most important thing, each data is important to the customer and the company.

Financial Organizations perform monetary transactions, which means money is essential and mandatory factor. Information related with market, company and customer is the money making factor. So maintaining these information and performing required business process perfectly, is really a tough job. Company and customer can incur loss at any time.


To minimize these loss Pridesys ERP is offering you the best automated system solutions for your company. Which will help you to maintain proper information and customer relation.To know more visit
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ERP for Textile industry | Pridesys IT Ltd

ERP for Textile industry | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence 

Bangladesh is right now the second biggest RMG Exporter in Bangladesh and wins 80% of the aggregate fare income of the country. With the unrest in the RMG division in Bangladesh, the material business has additionally observed its blast. With the expanding interest and fare of the RMG items, the material business has likewise created to get together to the popularity. With this colossal increment sought after, expansive buy orders are gotten by the Textile Industry. The Textile producers need to manage various requests in substantial amounts and need to likewise monitor the workforce and funds. Being a vast scale Textile organization can be surprisingly troublesome. Activity can be amazingly troublesome and cost can go up by a considerable measure.


So for what reason would you take the troublesome street when you have a simpler answer for this issue? Pridesys IT gladly presents the best ERP for material industry – PRIDESYS ERP©. Pridesys ERP© is made to incorporate precisely the way your business wants it. We make diverse modules in view of your business prerequisites with the goal that it serves the best. We give the best ERP to material for Bangladesh. Our Pridesys ERP© is a definitive material programming arrangement in Bangladesh. Our Pridesys ERP© is the most actualized material programming for Bangladesh and we have a colossal rundown of our fulfilled clients. We have a various scope of Pridesys ERP© Modules, and ERP for Textile industry is one of them. Our Pridesys ERP© Textile programming guarantees that your business is overseen and kept up precisely and that each activity of your business is observed to give you itemized examination on how effective your assembling procedure is.

Our Pridesys ERP© is the best material programming builds the amount created and proficiency of your assembling procedure. It keeps records of any progressions and furthermore identifies any specialized blunders. Our Pridesys ERP© keeps precise records of your installments and receipts and furthermore help to enhance systems administration and coordinated effort. In any case, the primary motivation behind why our Pridesys ERP© is considered as the best material arrangement is on the grounds that it diminishes cost. Our Pridesys ERP© is customized such that empowers you to pre-prepare and in this manner help to chop down your cost by an immense edge.

Our Pridesys ERP© is your best material programming arrangement.

Machine Learning in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

Machine Learning in Bangladesh | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence | machine learning algorithms 


Machine Learning is relentlessly moving far from deliberations and connecting with additional in business critical thinking with help from AI and Deep Learning. With Big Data advancing back to standard business exercises, now keen (ML) calculations can essentially utilize enormous heaps of both static and dynamic information to ceaselessly learn and enhance for improved execution. There has been an unfaltering ascent in ML-controlled AI application in industry parts like preventive social insurance, managing an account, back, and media. We, Pridesys IT Ltd, are not falling behind. We have prepared experts who can give ML based arrangement of different business issues in the same class as any. Here, we give brief depiction of a few (however not confined to) of our ML related administrations just to give you a trace of our ability.

Characteristic Language Processing Service

machine learning in bangladesh-1

Characteristic Language Processing is utilized to process human dialect with a specific end goal to comprehend it the way we do. Because of complex figuring calculations, a PC can process our dialect rapidly and give answers and results progressively.

Assumption and online networking investigation:

Need to know what individuals expound on your items?

Where do they do it?

Who are they?

A propelled calculation will examine the web continuously to give you a moment refresh on your marking investigation. You`ll have control of what and where individuals expound on you. Your response can be quicker, you can ensure your image better.

More extensive top to bottom comprehension of the market can enable you to comprehend your clients better and guide them easily through your item go. Begin estimating how individuals see the progressions you actualize.

Programmed content rundown

Tired of perusing heaps of content? Imagine a scenario where some person read them and after that summed it up for you.

Perusing vast articles, lawful directions, item portrayals or even motion picture screenplays is dependably tedious and may once in a while be exhausting. You may likewise forget about the master plan concentrating on insignificant subtle elements. Our answer will extricate the quintessence and most imperative components from a lot of content giving you a quick and brief synopsis of the report.

AI chatbot

Consider the possibility that you didn't need to stress over how to offer help to your clients every minute of every day ?.

Canny Assistant will connect with clients and prospects on both the voice and advanced channel, comprehend their purpose, take part in the trading of discourse and completely help with achieving exchanges to drive positive results. We assessed the necessities of a venture in sending a compelling chatbot and seized on shortcomings with existing contributions. From the capacity to include computerization, using best-of-breed NLP, reuse of existing information storehouses, graphical architects, and multi-channel, we trust we can give a venture prepared chatbots comparable to others at a lower cost.

Prescient Maintenance Service

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Consider the possibility that you definitely knew when a machine would come up short.

What are the reasons for disappointments and what support activities ought to be performed to settle these issues?

You could then timetable upkeep exercises to keep shutdowns as short as would be prudent or stay away from them through and through. This is now conceivable today because of the progress of digitalization: The persistent gathering and wise examination of process and operational information empower you to foresee the ideal time for machine and plant part upkeep. The assessment of this information likewise builds vitality straightforwardness inside the organization. As a machine and plant administrator you advantage from a significant increment in profitability and proficiency, because of our Predictive Services.

IOT in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd | Enterprise Resource Planning

IOT in Bangladesh | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence | Internet of Things Applications for Analytics Diagram:


The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the following rush of web innovations. IoT will on a very basic level change how business and assembling will be done around the world. It's keeps on spreading over the home and the endeavor, it's changing how we live and function each day. IoT reception achieved somewhere in the range of 43 percent of endeavors worldwide before the finish of 2016.

iot in Bangladesh - 1


Add up to venture in the vicinity of 2015 and 2020 will be $6 trillion among both customer and mechanical IoT markets, with modern IoT driving the development.

Our Focus Areas:


IoT is transformative. It develops out of a past filled with utilizing arranged mechanization frameworks in enterprises, for example, assembling and transportation. Monitoring and upgrading utilization of physical resources stretches out to all ventures.

IoT's assembling speculations fall into two classes: Inward confronting (those worried about streamlining frameworks and sparing expenses), and outward confronting (those that make upgrades in client utilization).

As far as inside ventures, makers are utilizing IoT to improve their procedures, screen hardware, and do safeguard and prescient support on that gear. Assembling activities was the IoT utilize case that saw the biggest interest in 2016 over all enterprises, at $102.5 billion.

iot in Bangladesh - 2

In the outward-confronting field, those in this industry utilize IoT gadgets to look at how their items are utilized by clients by keeping up an arranged connect to those items, and examining utilization information and sensor estimations. Along these lines, makers can break down outcomes and see wide examples regarding how the item is utilized, which can educate the up and coming age of the item, or help analyze issues early.


In the utilities business, interests in the Smart Grid for power and gas totaled $57.8 billion of every 2016. Savvy Grid meters are presently generally sent in the US and in a few European nations. It's moderately basic: Electricity meters have control, so they don't need to stress over batteries and the business case is direct — you don't need to pay somebody to peruse the meter.

Electric gear in home and office has additionally exploited IoT arrangements. It's has substantial zones and have parcels light, switch, AC, Oven and so forth to screen. The impact of loss of power and control over all gear are colossal. It merits introducing IoT framework.

IoT gadgets are likewise utilized inside power producing plants to screen gear after some time, to do prescient upkeep, and to give extra wellbeing oversight, Middleton said.

Human services: Healthcare is one of the ventures that will see the quickest spending development in IoT in the years to come.

IoT's utilization in the medicinal services field is exceptionally expansive. It ranges from therapeutic machines that offer pictures with a patient's different parental figures, observing and investigating issues with gear, and constant area frameworks that can track hardware, agreement of pharmaceutical, and even staff and patients. Advances in inserts, prosthetics, and wearables likewise exploit IoT, gushing information back to medicinal suppliers.

iot in Bangladesh - 3

Associating pacemakers and other medicinal gadgets to the web benefits patients by lessening blunders and giving more information to specialists to enhance finding and nature of care, said Valorie King, IEEE part and program seat of the undergrad cybersecurity administration and strategy program at University of Maryland University College. Be that as it may, it likewise puts these gadgets in danger for digital assaults.

Arrangements we offer:

Shrewd Industry: We offer hardware checking in both inside and outside the processing plant. The most well known Connected industry applications were hardware checking in non-industrial facility situations. Run of the mill non-processing plant ventures incorporate resource observing and remote control of associated apparatuses.

"Keen Factory" robotization and control ventures were the second most well known application in Connected Industry incorporating comprehensive arrangements with various components, for example, creation floor checking, wearables on the shop-floor, remote PLC control, or computerized quality control frameworks.

Savvy Building: We offer keen Building arrangement, for example, Hotel, Office, In-house. Our answer mechanizes controls of building security and HVAC/Heating/Cooling and so on. It will give full control over all gadget and in result it will spare over 30% vitality sparing and increment security to extreme level with the current asset.

IoT selection stages we advocate:

It will require a long investment, and a lot of cash, to accomplish the full dream the Internet of Things (IoT). It's critical to plot out transitional strides in IoT appropriation. Organizations that dispatch into the IoT without cautious vital arranging are probably going to end up on a costly enterprise as they associate divergent endpoints like restorative gadgets and modern apparatus and ingest tremendous amounts of information.

Along these lines, we exhort our solid stages in IoT selection. There are four phases.

Operational Efficiency: This stage is taking existing procedures, existing items, and instrumenting them with sensors. It can likewise include bringing in existing operational sensor information for investigation by specialty units.

Growing New Products: Services, and plans of action—frequently making new administrations over existing items by interfacing them to the web. For example, a therapeutic gadget producer may offer another administration that transfers gadget readings to the cloud for investigation later.

Result based Economy: Developing refined new items that assurance results—for example, changes in the aggregate strength of a HMO's hazard pool or expanded aggregate uptime for mechanical apparatus. These items must incorporate different industry verticals, and they rely upon the development of new information and business stages.

Self-sufficient Pull Economy: Final stage in which singular specialists distribute their own particular information onto wide stages and contract with each other for access to it.

IoT Cloud Integration:

At present we are utilizing beneath AWS benefit for our IOT Solutions.

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Device Management

AWS Greengrass

AWS IoT Analytics

Amazon FreeRTOS

AWS IoT 1-Click

AWS IoT Button

AWS IoT Device Defender

Big Data Analytics in Bangladesh | Pridesys IT Ltd

Big Data Analytics in Bangladesh | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence | data science companies in bangladesh 

Most associations ponder quintillions of bytes of information consistently, attempting to make sense of a data administration procedure that could quicken the stream of bits of knowledge. This essentially muddles their huge information arrangements, expanding the cost of execution and upkeep. Be that as it may, huge information designing isn’t tied in with utilizing all of information beginning from each source, it’s tied in with settling on the shrewd choices that quicken business development.

Pridesys IT Ltd’s. Big Data Engineering administrations empower associations to conceptualize and execute a well-thoroughly considered enormous information program over different spaces and center zones. We enable our customers to represent scale and stage availability while growing Big Data Engineering capacities to drive vision and esteem. Here are a portion of the huge information administrations we offer:

Information representation, business insight and examination


With petabytes and terabytes of client information to understand, it’s essential to slice through the commotion. With very much planned information representation and investigation, you can figure out how your deals and client conduct are affecting your business. Our enormous information specialists can help you to comprehend what your information is letting you know by conveying client knowledge by means of compelling envisioned arrangements.

Huge information database outline, movement and support

The best enormous information bits of knowledge can be picked up when your database is fit for reason and intended to meet your particular business needs. Furnished with the immense experience of mapping overhaul extends in the business, and in addition relocation to Redshift, Oracle and MS SQL Server, our information administration specialists are a sheltered match of hands for your information. We can enable you to move your current database foundation to the Cloud while guaranteeing that your information is perfect, secure, precise and fit for reason.

Single client see, information warehousing and revealing

Clients connect with your business through an assortment of channels. Thus, while you likely have numerous unique information sources about your client conduct. Your business records might be kept independently from your email database, which is separate again from your devotion plot. By pulling all these different sources together you can develop a considerably more itemized picture of client conduct. Utilizing our enormous information administration followed up on. It’s fundamental that the data gathered from your database is precise, so we offer Spotless information answers for ensure clean information. Pridesys’ information administration specialists will remove, clean, change and convey your source information into a solitary database where it can be questioned. Your enormous information would then be able to be comprehended utilizing useful examination which will help business basic leadership.

Project Planning Process Steps | Pridesys IT Ltd

Project Planning Process Steps | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence

Distributed computing encourages you with an improved method to get to servers, stockpiling, databases and an expansive arrangement of utilization benefits over the Internet. A Cloud benefit stage possesses and keeps up the system associated equipment required for these application administrations, while you arrangement and utilize what you require by means of a web application. You can access the same number of assets as you require, in a flash, and pay for what you utilize.

Along these lines, there is no requirement for you to burn through millions attempting to purchase servers for putting away your information.Project Planning Process Steps | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System | Pridesys IT Ltd, Different Innovation and Excellence


Mr. Javed Mostafa from The University of North Carolina visited Pridesys IT Head Office


Team pridesys with honorable Professor, Mr. Javed Mostafa from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,USA.
we, Pridesys feel so honored and inspired to have you among us sir .Our whole team had some great time with you. It was definitely a great opportunity for us having you at our office. 
Thank you for the visit.